Yoga Retreats, Mediterranean Style

by | Aug 17, 2016

Most of our Exotic Yoga Retreats are designed to promote the Mediterranean style of living and overall health. In fact, we strive to offer our participants an experience in both good health and good living!

We achieve this experience in a number of ways – some that are unique to each retreat and others that we hope you take home and infuse into your daily life. The common denominator?? We invite you to slow down, unplug and enjoy the simple pleasures of each moment.

Here is how we do it:

Mindful Movement

One aspect of the Mediterranean style that offers enormous benefit is the incorporation of natural movement into each day.  Each Exotic Yoga Retreat offers, of course, insightful yoga practices that vary from fiery and strong to restorative and relaxing – all with modifications so that each person enjoys the practice that suits him/her. As a movement practice, yoga is one of the most comprehensive and gentle-on-your-joints ways to connect with all the different ranges in which your body moves.  Every retreat also offers opportunities for other forms of movement: walking, biking, hiking, swimming, paddleboarding, and even skiing! (Depending on location.)

Mindful Savouring

We love to enjoy a delicious meal. (Who doesn’t?)  The food you will savour on an Exotic Yoga Retreat is appreciated for being beautifully presented, nutritious and whenever possible, organic. In true Mediterranean style, we focus on whole foods that are locally sourced. More often than not, meals (and/or snacks!) are also accompanied by a glass of wine from the local region! We encourage you to relish the idea of slow-food cuisine: meals that are prepared and enjoyed with thoughtful care, good humor and without rush.

Mindful Sharing

On each retreat, there are participants who come alone and others who bring a loved one. No matter how you arrive, you will leave with new friends!

Another aspect of the Mediterranean style is the act of sharing space and time with people in fun and respectful ways. This often means mealtimes are a little longer and filled with good conversation and a healthy amount of laughter. You will likely also enjoy the growth of new friendships through daily yoga practices and excursions to explore the local culture.


On a side note: While the ability to connect digitally has enormous benefits, it just does not compare to good old-fashioned face time. We need healthy relationships with others in order to thrive individually. We encourage you to let go of the need to check Facebook for a few days and remember how good it feels to enjoy the shared energy of in-person connections!

Mindful Simplicity

This is an approach we encourage you to adopt while on our Mediterranean style retreats and then bring back into your daily life. Our days feel better when we don’t have every moment scheduled – so we allow plenty of opportunity to reflect and mindfully choose how you would like to spend your time. Keep in mind, all activities on our retreats are optional – if you are mostly craving some quiet down-time, we honor (and encourage!) you to take an afternoon siesta.

As yoga helps to create space in your body and mind, we hope that our philosophy supports you to experience the exact respite from daily life that you need – and then create the space in your daily life to simplify and make healthy choices around the things that matter most to you.  As yoga helps the mind feel more focused and attentive, we hope that you engage in mindful enjoyment of your Exotic Yoga Retreat experience – and then bring the awareness of delight in life’s simple pleasures home.


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