Want to Travel Solo on a Yoga Retreat?

by | May 17, 2016

An Exotic Yoga Retreat is the perfect yoga retreat for the solo traveler!

Have you been wanting to go on a yoga retreat, but can’t quite seem to coordinate schedules with your friend or partner? There are many reasons people travel solo (and love it!) – and a yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

First, a yoga retreat is generally a very safe place to be on your own. Even if you’re typically a little antsy or uncomfortable spending quiet time with yourself, you’ll have the freedom to fly solo as much (or as little) as you like. Plus, yogis are generally sensitive souls. You won’t feel self-conscious about your solitude when you choose it and you can truly give yourself permission to just ‘be.’

Ready for some company? Check in with the rest of the group – you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people, it’s more than likely there will be at least one other solo traveler, and most people find a kindred spirit (or a few) while on yoga retreat.

Still hesitant to travel solo? Getting out of your comfort zone is also one of the best ways to get to know yourself better. In fact, going to a place that has always seemed mysterious or exotic is one of the best ways to more deeply connect with your true Self. It’s human nature to surround yourself with relationships and habits that serve a purpose – generally, providing expectations for you to fulfill (or fulfilling your expectations) and a kind of container within which you feel secure.

Traveling inevitably reminds you to let go of your expectations. Travel solo and you discover even more freedom! When you step away from the stresses of daily life, its easier to see through the routines and patterns that may or may not be serving you. It’s amazing how quickly you can relax into a place of deep knowing and trust in your intuition when everything around you is new and you’re connected with your yoga practice.

Lastly, attending a yoga retreat on your own is an expression of radical self-care. How often do you truly set aside the time to do exactly and only what you want and need? When you travel solo, there is no one else around to tell you which excursions to take or when to choose a nap in the shade. You have the space to connect with your own natural rhythms and engage in mindful enjoyment of the things we all need and deserve: wholesome food, purposeful movement, sound rest, inspiring experiences.

Attending a yoga retreat with a loved one can be an incredible, relationship-changing experience. Travel solo on a yoga retreat, and it might just change your life. We design each one of our Exotic Yoga Retreats to help connect you with your truest Self and indulge in healthy hedonism.

Join in any of our Exotic Yoga Retreats for a wonderful solo adventure!

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