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Useful Information


Exotic Yoga Retreats blend yoga and inner discovery — with sensory experiences of visual beauty, healthy and sumptuous cuisine, cultural enrichment and outdoor adventure.

Our retreats are open to people with all levels of yoga experience and physical ability. On most of our yoga retreats, we have participants ranging from brand-new beginners to yoga teachers.

Exotic Yoga Retreats (EYR) has a small and exclusive team of dedicated yoga teachers who are highly experienced in a range of yoga disciplines: Hatha, Vinyasa, Alignment and Yin and Yoga Nidra. 

On some retreats, we also have a personal trainer, wellness coach and life coach.

We welcome solo travelers, couples and friends from all walks of life and from around the world. What we ask of our participants — what we value — is that you bring an open mind and an earnest intention to be real, present, compassionate to yourself and kind to others, as well as an overall willingness to be authentic and open.

If you are traveling by yourself, you will not be alone! Our yoga retreats are a perfect blend of women and men, solo travelers, couples, friends, sisters, and mother-daughter/son duos.

If you are coming with a partner or friend, you will find a nice balance of group connection and private time together.

Our groups are refreshingly international, with the number of guests ranging from 10 to 20 people on our traveling yoga tours and up to 50 guests on Exotic Yoga Cruises and Mexico Holiday retreats.

On an Exotic Yoga Retreat, we place as much emphasis on the food and wine as we do on nutrition.

Meals are gourmet: beautifully presented, healthy, local and, whenever possible, organic. There are always vegan and gluten-free options and, on most retreats, there are also meat and fish options.

Wine is paired with dinners on retreats in countries where wine is cultivated and cherished.

We guide moderation and offer up tips for “Mindful Enjoyment,” and while our retreats are not specifically geared toward losing weight, you may find you return home a few pounds lighter…and if not, at least you will return home very happy!

Our yoga travel tours (Bhutan and Africa Safari) have private drivers and highly trained and educational guides.

We make sure you are well taken care of, so that all you have to do is slow down, enjoy yoga and discover the amazing places and cultures Exotic Yoga Retreats brings you!

All of our activities, including yoga, are optional. We aspire to offer each guest a peak experience of health, relaxation and inner and outer exploration. Yoga can be a wonderful means of self-discovery, but we understand it’s not for everyone. We welcome you to enjoy a bike ride, a jog or a walk instead. What’s most important is to balance good health and good living, to enjoy nature, meet new people and spend quality time with those you love.