Tuscany Yoga Retreat — 3 Interesting Things

by | Jun 28, 2016

The Tuscan countryside brings many pleasant things to mind: fresh pasta, roasted meats, farm-grown produce, and of course, the playful palette of Chianti. What better place to fully enjoy these Italian pleasures and deeply connect with yourself than on a soulful Tuscany yoga retreat?

As you may know, our Exotic Yoga Retreats are about much more than yoga. We encourage you to enjoy each moment with keen awareness – whether you’re breathing deeply through utkatasana (chair pose), strolling slowly through a countryside in bloom or laying your eyes upon a thousand-year-old piece of art.

In honor of our upcoming Tuscany yoga retreat, here are three things you might choose to engage with mindful enjoyment:

There are more UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Tuscany than in Australia or South Africa.

For those interested in exploring the cultural riches of Italy, Florence and Siena offer much to tantalize your tastebuds and your brain. Historical significance and outstanding architecture mix effortlessly with the work of artistic pioneers in this region. Michelangelo’s The David is worth an extra day to sightsee in Florence, alone.

Tuscany is the birthplace of the Italian language.

Tuscany was (and still is!) an incredibly important cultural center, often considered the heart and soul of the Renaissance. The Italian language obviously shares a close connection to Latin, but modern Italian is based on the Toscano (Tuscan) dialect that formed during the Renaissance period. Remember this when you are expressing your gratitude in a new language and enjoying la bella vita on our Tuscany yoga retreat.

The Chianti district in South Florence is known as the ‘heart of Tuscany.’

Authentic Chianti is made from primarily Sangiovese grapes and used to be served from short, round glass bottles that were wrapped in straw basket cases called fiasco. This bold, full-bodied red wine is believed to have originated in the 13th century — though it wasn’t until 1716 that three Tuscan villages were named as the official makers. Can you smell and taste the touches of plum, almond and vanilla? Tune into the subtleties of the local wine each evening on our Tuscany yoga retreat.

This grand, diverse region of Italy is the perfect place to satisfy all of your yearnings. From the cobbled squares of Florence to its lush rolling hills, Tuscany offers awe-inspiring pieces of art, an unparalleled connection to Western history and on our Tuscany yoga retreat, a space for deep self-exploration and connection.

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