Independence, Interdependence, Yoga, Travel

by | Jul 14, 2016

Yoga travel affects us and everyone around us.

Last week, we celebrated Independence Day here in the United States. We declared our freedom from Great Britain 240 years ago – not a long time, in the overall timeline of this planet and human history. As one of the founding principles of this nation, we greatly value independence both on the collective and personal levels. Interdependence? Well, we don’t talk about that quite as much.

The interesting thing is, independence can not exist without interdependence – kind of like, light can not exist without darkness.

You might be thinking right about now…what does this have to do with yoga? Or travel? Or yoga travel?

Here at Exotic Yoga Retreats, we encourage you to ‘see the world differently.’

Practicing yoga can certainly facilitate transformation on the personal level – and a regular practice can absolutely change your life in ways you might never expect. Becoming aware of your inner environment through intentional changes in your external environment (your body in different postures) will inevitably lead to a deeper connection and understanding of what it means to be you, uniquely human. This represents the personal, more independent way in which we determine how we move through the world.

Traveling can lead to similar realizations. When we put ourselves in a new place, we are often inspired and humbled by the newness of it all. Our Self is affected by our external environment, a new set of circumstances. As we develop and integrate the experience of a new place, our perspective changes. Traveling sheds light on our routines and habits and sometimes inspires us to make different choices in our daily lives. This demonstrates the ways in which the world around us, in turn, influences our behavior and experiences.

Travel also – quite literally – highlights the ways in which we depend on each other. Though sometimes we travel ‘alone,’ we rely on many other people and systems to get us there. And we most often go in order to witness and engage with another culture!

Yoga travel is a beautiful opportunity to engage with both your Self and your place in the family of things on this planet. At the same time you are stimulated and inspired by new experiences and places, you are regularly engaging mindfully with your own body, mind and heart. On an Exotic Yoga Retreat, we apply that same mindfulness to each element of our experience together.

No matter how or why a person chooses to attend an Exotic Yoga Retreat, we hope to inspire every one of our participants to think a little differently about the world and in turn, about his/her Self. One might find this inspiration by being exposed to a new culture, carefully tasting a new and complex combination of spices, finding an instant connection with a new friend from across the globe or sinking deeper into savasana than ever before. Yoga travel offers ample opportunity to practice connecting to an overall deeper sense of awareness.

Yoga travel is also a way to practice moving mindfully through the world – to appreciate both your individual uniqueness and our interdependence, the beauty and power of people coming together.



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