The culinary and cultural trip to Oaxaca was magical!  At each place I felt like I was in the home of a friend of Sarah’s rather than feeling like a tourist—very special and very authentic trip!



MARCH 10—16, 2017

Immerse yourself in the colorful culture, food and art of Oaxaca, Mexico, a treasure trove where ancient practices fuse with modern interpretations, resulting in a most unique expression of the human experience.



Flow of the Day

MORNINGS  begin healthfully with an hour of gentle Hatha Yoga led by a yoga instructor from Oaxaca. We will enjoy a delicious tropical breakfast of fruits and local dishes. . . and then we’re off for the day’s adventure—which will include plenty of walking, a plethora of exotic sights, tastes and aromas, and when luck has it—a good dose of spontaneity and unanticipated encounters that are inherent in Oaxaca’s nature!

AFTERNOONS will bring you in direct contact with local artists, farmers and artisans of Oaxaca. You will cook in the home of a traditional and renown Zapotec chef who maintains the ancient practices of her ancestors from the earliest civilization on the continent. You will peek into a smoldering pit in the earth as alchemy turns agave into ‘magical mescal’, followed by a tasting of course! You will wander the colorful indigenous market places full of textiles, pottery and exotic foods – and visit the workshops of fine artists and local artisans, often right in their homes. And a trip to Oaxaca would not be complete without tasting cocoa and the intensely complex seasoning of “mole” (moh-LAY) made with twenty plus ingredients!

The surrounding villages tucked high up the Sierra Norte mountains will draw us out of the city where you will hike in Pre-Columbian ruins, rare cactus canyons, see a 2,000 year old tree overlooking sweeping vistas of the Oaxacan Valley that will take your breath away!

And when you are ready to relax, try a local chocolate massage or traditional Zapotec cleansing ritual, called a “limpia” for cleansing body and soul, or a “temascal” in a traditional sweat lodge.

EVENINGS  are pure magic as we taste the best of old and new world Oaxaca cuisine… sharing experiences of the day with a toast of local Mescal cheering “Stigibeu” – a Zapotec word that roughly means “to the lifeforce that is around us.”


Oaxaca is often described as the most beautiful city in Mexico! This enchanting architectural gem of a Spanish Colonial city is resplendent with fantastic museums, magical festivals, cobble-stoned streets, Pre-Columbian ruins and baroque Dominican churches gilded in gold housing saints with fascinating stories, a safe and friendly town, easily navigated by foot. Oaxaca has long been considered as the country’s culinary capital with some of the tastiest and most varied dishes, not found elsewhere in Mexico — in due partly to varied ethnic groups, such as the Mixtec and the Zapotec. Read here 6 reasons to visit Oaxaca!



March 10–17, 2018

I have such good memories of how well the tour group got along and what fun we had (laughter) and how helpful everyone was. I also loved the wonderful Oaxaxa food, the friendly people, the plethora of folk art and endless opportunities for cultural experiences. Thanks to Sarah for her enthusiasm and welcoming personality and the way she was able to help everyone get to know one another. She encouraged and created fun and festivity!



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