What a great weekend we shared together! Our first all-women wine and yoga weekend—and hopefully not our last! I love how women bond and become girlfriends so quickly—sharing an energy of radiance, playfulness and unbridled audacity (wine-induced headstands in the middle of a restaurant)! Add good food and good wine, power walks through the vineyards, playful and creative yoga outside in nature, lots of toasts filled with gratitude, and a celebration of three birthdays. . . and all the ingredients are in for an amazing weekend!

Here’s a toast of gratitude to meeting each and everyone one of you! And another toast wishing that we may all meet again in some other wonderful exotic location!

Below are a few links to enjoy new music and photos! And here a few web sites that De’Edre suggests for us foodies: and… oops, I mean

Cheers lovely gals! ~ Love, Gayle

For some sweet memories, see our Sonoma photos.

To hear some of the music we heard during the retreat, download Gayle’s Retreat Music.

To remember the moon salute series, download this Moon Salute video.


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