Beautiful gardens, Incan ruins, solar baths and perfectly timed thunder as we meditate at Machu Picchu. How is it possible to describe these adventures? We spent time in our community, and in solitude, finding what it was that we had come to find. Peace, healing, wisdom, abundance, all brought to us through a new (or renewed) connection with Pachamama.

The dynamics of our group would not have been the same had one of you not been there. We spent time belly-laughing, bonding, exploring and sharing, so that we might never be the same after having this experience together. We did yoga in the most beautiful space, meditated in breath-taking gardens and atop Machu Picchu, and saw the sights that this beautiful Peruvian culture had to offer us. And don’t forget the fashion show (with our own Exotic Yoga Retreat models), the never-quite-executed but fully planned talent show and the many, many jokes and one-liners that accompanied us wherever we went. What an amazing experience!

We share with you memories of our beautiful week together through photos and musical playlists below ~ and in this awesome blog written by Shabnam!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this special time in such a sacred place. May we all meet again very soon and may you carry the wisdom of Pachamama within you always.

Love ~ Hillary & the Exotic Yoga Retreat team