The coco leaves read that 2015 is going to be a great year… success with new business ventures, bad boyfriends soon history, hot new romances on the horizon… and Lewis will be lucky with the girls!  Sacred circles and sacred gardens, mindful handstands and momentous moments on mountains ushered in this new year.

Gratitude to Silverio, our dedicated pacha-papa, to Roxanne, our nurturing pacha mama, and to all the beautiful staff at Willka T’ika. Gratitude for the hospitality and simple pleasures that make life rich: climbing into a pre-warmed bed at night, making tea from an abundant basket of fresh green herbs that would impress even Martha Stewart, eating sweet mango and tropical fruit on little pieces of art, and flowers…everywhere!

Gratitude to the mountain children for sharing their songs, dance, potatoes and cheese—and their willingness to moo and meow with April. The shamans for reminding us how mountains and lagoons, and Pacha Mama are watching over us. The ancient Incas for showing us that with enough work, dedication and vision, anything is possible!

Gratitude to each one of us who took a leap of faith, giving precious time and resources, to arrive on this Peru New Year’s Retreat. Optimism, sincerity and good will, balanced by healthy doses of banter and silliness made for a super group—a lot of laughs, sweetness and fun. Thank you for such a fantastic group of people!

And finally, gratitude to yoga (union, yoking, uniting of all that is body and spirit, doing and non-doing, energy and consciousness) that which ultimately brought us here together on this sacred journey. Gratitude to yoga for deepening our lives, for enhancing our health and peace of mind, for giving us an island of rest in the busyness of daily life—a path inward to find home. Gratitude to yoga for gently opening our hearts to compassion for ourselves—such that we open to love and compassion for others.

Gratitude and dedication to a practice that reminds us why we are here, and how to be here more gracefully.

Thank you to all for sharing this New Years 2015 together ~
Love, Gayle



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