Invite three very “special” couples for a trial-fun Exotic wine and yoga weekend at the beautiful Boich Family Farm, and this is what you get:

Serious Wall Road Napa cabernets paired with Joyce’s delicious garden-to-table cuisine!  Morning TRX and yoga with Gayle, a station workout and puppy wagging with John. Fresh strawberry smoothies served on trays in the swimming pool in preparation for a 100 degree sweaty hike up Bald Mountain. Thank goodness for that random bathtub with cool spring water. . . did a head dunk ever feel so good?

John shared a taste of his new vintages directly from the barrel, and later brought folks down to his secret wine cellar for more tasting (and singing). And then dancing on Saturday night (finally Paul!) on the fire pit (wow – Lana!), followed by some wild jam on the congos (so we heard!)

Sunday morning – Trent and Drew mastered eye-gazing – while Lana and Dawn practiced deep equanimity. . . the reward being Joyce’s Sunday morning waffles with maple syrup. And Ali got to taste the best gluten-free waffles ever made!

There were some hard-core bike rides had – and a lot more luxuriating in the pool with wine, golf clubs and views. Thanks to each and every one of you “special” guests for coming together on this Exotic Yoga & Wine experiment (with far more wine than yoga!) — and for sharing your hearts, spirits and incorrigible fun.  Let’s do it again somewhere – with a little more yoga, a little less wine and a lot more eye-gazing!

Cheers & Love ~ Gayle & John


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