Anyone else missing our simple, daily routine together: meditation, yoga, beach, yoga, food, play and more yoga? The waves, the birds, the nourishing connections, siestas, practicing yoga in a nest in the jungle. . . and the stairs, those incredible stairs—conditioning our hearts, warming our bodies, and providing us the perfect, creative practice of walking meditation!

What inspired us most was the willingness and sincerity with which all of you approached yoga. The sound of the waves and the touch of the ocean became your accompaniment and metaphor to move your bodies and open your hearts. Thank you for being so open in our yoga together!

Cheers to exciting boat rides, cheers to sun kissed days on the beach, cheers to the smiling staff who greeted us each day and cheers to chanting LVRYHO lover you are home! And last, but not least, a big toast to a beautiful group of people who chose their holiday together on a wild beach in Mexico!

CHEERS & LOVE ~ Sheryl, Katherine & the Exotic Yoga Retreat team


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