Lying under the sweet Mexico sun, upon white sand, with the roar of waves—and suddenly WET—engulfed by one of those beautiful full moon high tide waves! The water element was alive within and around us, in every aspect of Xinalani living—the power of the full moon orchestrating the waves.

Fire element was also present—in the radiating and transformative Temazcal ceremony, and in our Christmas eve full moon Fire ceremony, gazing into the eyes of our new friends, fellow gods and goddesses.

Earth element surrounded us as we dwelled in the our open-air bungalows in heart of the jungle—colors, textures, sounds and aromas connecting us to Mother Earth!

Air element was the music—the morning chorus of tropical birds, Michelle’s beautiful playlists leading us into prana-flow movements, the constant lullaby of the waves, the sound and rhythm of our own precious breath—those stairs reminding us of our vital relationship with air!

We share with you memories of our beautiful week together through photos, musical playlists and a yoga nidra session shared by Michelle, a list of good reads, and a special remembrance of Xinalani, captured by Ellie.

We offer up a final toast in celebration of 2016 — That we may all meet again, here or in another exotic location!

Cheers ~ Gayle, Katherine & Michelle

P.S. We are currently casting for a reality TV pilot, “LOST IN THE JUNGLE”, starring Gary Black as lead guide. Two other confirmed cast members include Alejandro as expedition organizer, and Mario as cook. We are holding auditions for remaining cast members on all upcoming 2016 Exotic Yoga Retreats.


Mexico Holiday Retreat photos
Michelle Nayeli’s musical playlists
Yoga Nidra Session
Xinalani Waves, by Ellie
Good Reads list


A few more good reads:

The Pillars of the Earth, Anya, The Third Chimpanzee, The Brain that Changes Itself, The Happiness Hypothesis, Man’s Search for Meaning



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