Experiencing happiness and joy on this beautiful jungle-beachside resort is fairly inevitable. However, something special happened on this Happiness & Yoga Retreat — inside ourselves and between each other — that made this retreat particularly happy and inspiring!

Was it the magic of the beach or swimming in that powerful and healing pacific sea that made us feel so alive?  Was it practicing yoga to the sound of the waves, Gayle’s eclectic playlist and the chatter of the Chachacaca birds? Did it have something to do with our afternoon handstands – everyone seeing the world upside down?

Could it be that our high level of connection and joy were a result of practicing Laura’s Choosing Happiness program. . .  mindfulness, What Went Well’s, and gazing into the eyes of strangers becoming new friends?

Or maybe it was the crazy margarita dance parties, wild hula hooping, or maybe those ‘self-love’ rituals opened things up?

The incredible food and the phenomenally kind and helpful staff surely added to our experience of pleasure and savoring! Meaningful conversations over meals, balanced by purely meaningless and joyous expressions on the beach; sweaty and spiritual Temazcals followed by life-altering swims in the sea; gratitude circles and charades.

Or just maybe it had to do with ‘Big Love’, and the way we all reached out to connect, support, share and inquire deeply about each other’s lives.

Well, we think it’s safe to say that all of the above contributed to an amazing week together. But ultimately, it was all of your exceptional enthusiasm to learn, focus on our strengths, be open, and play that shaped our retreat into a truly happy and magical week to remember!  Thank you to each and every one of you: Ale, Alia, Alexandra, Ana, Ban, Brian, Chi Chi, all 3 Christines & Chrissy, Danika, Elissa, Lisa, Magdelana, Naseem, Nicole, Saige and Teresa!

We really, really hope to cross paths with all of you again to savor another beautiful experience together!

Big Love!

Gayle & Laura



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