Dear Morocco Yogis ~

Cheers to an inspiring and adventurous group of women from around the world coming together for a cultural adventure and yoga under the Moroccan sun! Neil did an amazing job keeping the fire burning with his strong and rhythmic Bhakti flow—while Gayle added alignment and poetry to take the practice deeper. You women brought the group together with your warmth, positivity and openness—so beautiful to feel all the new friendships unfolding!

So much gratitude on this retreat – thank you birds for giving us quite the chorus to focus our wild monkey-minds into a peaceful sound meditation. Thank you flowers for offering such exquisite and exotic color and beauty. Thank you turtles for surprising and amusing us (and thanks to god you turtles survived us 🙂

The staff of Tigmi – thank you for serving us so kindly, cooking us healthy and delicious food and taking care of us in all ways. Lovely spa ladies – deep gratitude for pampering us with rejuvenating massages and hammams. And a deep thank you to Jean Paul, Fatine and Katherine for organizing our stay and making it all possible!

Last but not least, a warm and heartfelt thank you to the people of Morocco whose paths crossed ours in many small but meaningful ways—merchants, tour guides, snake charmers and colorful characters—all sharing a glance into the rich and warm culture of Marrakech and Morocco.

In love and gratitude to all of you for sharing your courage and light ~ Gayle & Neil


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