When there’s magic. . . you just know it, and you feel it. Was it in the ancient vibration and beauty of Borgo di Carpiano? Or the truly phenomenal hospitality and warmth of our dedicated hosts, Ricardo and Marilisa? Maybe our food, prepared by master chef – and supposed famous guitar player – Luca Mazza, was imbibed with an aphrodisiac (that ultimately inspired Simon to propose to Michelle!)? I mean, whose ever heard of basil sorbet? Or maybe we enjoyed just enough organic wine night after night and that fabulous prosecco each evening at sunset!

No doubt there was magic in the making of this specific congregation of yogis – karmically bonded together for this week – in this spot of heaven on earth! And there was peace and tranquility added by the vibrations of dear ole Harmony, present in each of our yoga classes. And surely, all the kindness and care showed by the lovely staff at Borgo, and by each other, softened and heightened the atmosphere.

Senses filled to the brim with exquisiteness—our bodies tuned, awakened and relaxed to the flow of moon salutes, Gayle’s voice and the sounds of modern Italian composer, Ludovico Einaudi and rasta boy, Trevor Hall… we discovered how conscious yoga, delicious wine and full enjoyment of the senses indeed does blend—increasing our capacity for mindful enjoyment and furthering our expertise in the art of healthy hedonism! And we discovered that indeed, La Bella Vita does exist!

We share with you below some music, photos, a few tips to remember from our week’s practice, and a sincere wish that we all again, here or in another exotic location!

Love ~ Gayle & Katherine

For some delicious memories, have a look at our Italy Yoga Retreat photos.

To hear some of the music we heard during the retreat, download Gayle’s Retreat Music.

To remember the moon salute series, download this Moon Salute video.


Yoga Tips

Remember 3 simple actions to relax anywhere, anytime:

Eyes softly downcast ~ Tongue soft ~ Slight smile at the corners of the lips!

Remember 3 things in your asana practice to lengthen your spine and lift through the crown of your head:

Begin your twists with the tailbone and scoop of the belly ~ Breathe into the diaphragm of your pelvis ~ Remember your rocket!


See the world differently!