The aquamarine sea, the wind, Walter’s guitar—blending with Erdinc’s gentle voice as he guides us into our depth. . . this beautiful internal journey was balanced so perfectly with the fun and adventure of exploring the Dalmatian coast. Paddle-boarding and swimming, sight-seeing and wine-tasting, headstands and handstands on a rocking boat, Sylvia’s seafood cuisine and the hospitality of Captain Filip, Ivan and Dion/Duje—all made for a gorgeous week floating along the turquoise coast!

But it was the group connection, the joie de vivre of our guide and friend, Duje, and Erdinc’s deep yoga practices and guidance into the internal territories – journaling, sancalpa and partner exercises – that really brought this retreat home. The openness of this group, the willingness to connect and as well as to look inside, made this yoga holiday a true journey.

May our paths cross and we connect again! Thank you to Erdinc, Duje, the staff of Tajna Mora — and cheers to each of you for stepping aboard and taking a dive into the unknown aboard this Exotic Yoga Cruise!


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