One of the great lessons I took from Bhutan was on the road between Paro and Thimpu: Be gentle with your curves! And advice I’d on to pass to future travelers: You can look, you can smell, but don’t smoke those herbs on the side of the road (unless you’re a pig!) And for new couples: Be sure to visit the temple of the Divine Madman—as often as needed—just don’t walk off with Madman’s little “staff” or you may find yourself doing circles around the temple! On our Bhutan Yoga Tour we laughed a lot—at the perfect moments making the reverent, irreverent; while in other moments, discovering the reverence in small things, small nuances within culture and nature. During 12-days we engaged within this mysterious world called Bhutan—images of red robes and prayer flags as symbols reminding us that happiness is connected to the subtle things, like meditating, being humble, being generous and kind. We also engaged with the world inside ourselves through yoga and travel, and through connecting with each other—laughing, dancing and sharing our unique light with one another. In a lovely note Wendy sent following our retreat, she beautifully highlights a little of that unique light in each one of us: All these incredible and mighty and distinct, intelligent and caring women in our group! Wow! Like superheroes, each so unique and so powerful. I admire all of you for your strengths and your sturdiness. In a circle, you are all on my right. I am grateful to have met each and every one of you: What a kind, caring and generous soul you are John. Rica Enrica, talented and multilingual Enrica! La belle Isabelle, toujours chic et magnifique! Jill a delightful candy box full of surprises! Aloha Rita! I still owe you a joke. Much more than a magical four leaf clover finder. Rita, your articulate closing words at the dinner left me speechless with admiration. Rasa gently caressing all with your large blue eyes and soft spoken words. Rubeka punctually there for my mother until the very last moment like a reliable Swiss clock. Mi nueva hermana Ruth, que más puedo decir que no lo sabes tu! You are Amaaaazing!!! Energy bomba Anneke! Annya, I love getting to know you and can’t wait for more! Sarah deep-rooted and spirited. I swear my suitcase was suspiciously lighter on the way home…hm. Aleksandra, your entire face and eyes light up so beautifully when you smile from your heart Super Hero Numero Uno: the beautiful, bubbly and energetic Gayle. You are both strong and vulnerable at the same time. Trudi, my mother, who I love, admire and respect more than words can say. You awe and inspire me with your energy and determination. Your sense of humour kept us all in stitches and on our toes, I am proud and honoured to be your daughter; I always have been and always will be. I love you. Thank you Wendy! And thank you to all of you for joining us on this first adventure in Bhutan! Love & Light ~ Gayle   For memories and a smile, enjoy our Bhutan photos. For music to practice, dance and mediate to, download Gayle’s Retreat Music. To practice along with the moon salutes, download my Moon Salute video.

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