Mexico Holiday Retreat, December 2016

by | Dec 29, 2016

Once we were Gods
Immortal, perfect and bored
We longed to play
We longed to feel deeply
So we created Earth
Filled with trees, rivers and mountains
Birds, animals and fish
And many such wondrous gifts
The game was ours to play
And to love and struggle through
When we came down to Earth
The spell was cast so deeply
Earth was too beautiful
The feelings were intoxicating
Love turned into a craving
and struggle became suffering
We forgot our Godliness
And became trapped in our desires
Once we were Gods
Now we are Human
We began to destroy our own Mother Earth
As we hurt our animals
We hurt ourselves
As we destroyed our lands
We destroyed our Connection
And then we sit and lament
What is the meaning of life?
Once we were Gods
And if we close our eyes
And seek deeply within ourselves
Beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing
We can perhaps find our way back
to the celestial light in the sky
And then we will waken
to the truth that’s always been right here
We are all Gods & Goddesses
walking this Earth
disguised in temporal human skin
Once we were Gods
but… we never stopped
We simply forgot.
Dec 24th, 2016

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