Meet Yoga Teacher: Sylvia Ferguson

by | Jun 12, 2017

EYR Teacher Feature: Sylvia Ferguson

Our Exotic Yoga Retreats teachers are incredible – and we would love for you to know more about them! As such, we have decided to create a series of features for each teacher.

SYLVIA FERGUSON, On Yoga and Meditation

Blending classical Hatha, Anusara and Ashtanga vinyasa traditions with mindfulness meditation, Irish yoga teacher, Sylvia Ferguson received her teaching diploma from Yoga Therapy Ireland in 2003 and was featured in May of 2015 in Nationwide as a teacher that ‘exudes the calmness she aims to instill in her students.’ Sylvia currently offers public and corporate programs in Dublin, travels internationally teaching for Exotic Yoga Retreats, and has an active array of online hatha yoga, yoga nidra and mindfulness courses. When not teaching or mothering, Sylvia writes articles about yoga and mindfulness for the Yoga Therapy Ireland magazine.

What was your first experience with yoga and/or meditation? Did you know right away that it would become a big part of your life – or did it take a little time or a few tries?

Yoga and I did not become best friends right away! It look me a while to tune into her quieter, stronger voice. I had come from lifting weights and running, pushing hard through life. I was intrigued right away, but until I experienced Yoga Nidra I didn’t really ‘get it.’ After that, I knew I was learning simply to relax, over and over again.

If you could only practice one yoga posture for a whole year, what would it be? Why?

Ardha chandrasana, half moon pose, without a shadow of doubt. When I’m in this pose, I am flying. I am weightless, boundless and my free spirit is playfully expressing itself. On days when I need support, I take it to the wall and I lie back and allow myself to be supported. If I’m full of life, it  me. If I’m dull and lacking zest, it enthuses me. If I’m in need of calming, it grounds me. (I would have to add in a little down dog daily, too, a few moments to come back to the quiet of myself.)

What’s the strangest / craziest / funniest place you’ve ever done a yoga posture? And what pose was it?

Virabhadrasana II on top of Hellfire Mountain in Dublin, Ireland, with my closest yoga friends in front of TV cameras! We were filming for ‘Nationwide’ – and outdoor yoga at one of the most spectacular wildernesses overlooking Dublin City was the most apt place for our warriors to be expressed! The moment is captured forever in the RTE archives.

What yoga asana is the most challenging for you?

Upavishta Konasana: seated, wide-legged forward fold. I feel like an old lady in this pose! My ego
wants to have my chest gracefully on the floor in front of me, my stubborn body remains firmly stuck and my breath saves me from the turmoil!

What are your three favorite things to do (aside from yoga/meditation)?

Chats and laughs with friends or loved ones over long, leisurely meals. Quiet walks in the mountains or the forest, the earlier in the day the better. Cuddles! My dog or my cat will do if there isn’t a human around.

What EYR retreat(s) are you teaching this year? If you have been to this destination before, what is your favorite thing about it?

I am teaching in Verbier, Switzerland in August. My favourite thing about Verbier is the freshness of the air! August is beautiful, warm and sunny with the tiniest scent of snow in the air. The luxury,
comfort and tranquility of the W Hotel is in complete contrast to the spectacular wilderness of being in the Alps in summer, it smells like exhilaration and freedom!
I am also teaching in Umbria, Italy in September. I couldn’t choose just one thing about this magical place … the food, wine, infinity pool, countryside, outdoor dining area, adorable bedrooms, magnificent yoga room and our darling hosts are all beyond compare!

Learn more about Sylvia here! …and more on the Verbier, Switzerland and Umbria, Italy yoga retreats.

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