Find Us The Perfect Retreat Venue — Win A Free Retreat!

by | Sep 5, 2016

We would love your help!  

We host Exotic Yoga Retreats in phenomenal locations all over the world—but would love to explore the diverse beauty of the United States!  Do you know of the perfect venue to host an Exotic Yoga Retreat here in the USA?  If you introduce us to a venue—and we host a retreat there—we will show our gratitude by offering you a free retreat in TuscanyMorocco or the new USA venue. Your choice!   Below, you will find the venue requirements we look for when creating the Exotic Yoga Retreat experience. . . places with that magical something – that je ne sais quoi.




1. Read through the list of requirements (below).
2. Contact the venue to answer each question.
3. Email us the completed questions. Send to:



Our ideal setting for an Exotic Yoga Retreat is a charming boutique hotel or villa with the following criteria:
•  8-12 bedrooms
•  surrounded by beautiful nature and walking trails
•  cultural interests or adventurous excursions – a plus if vineyards nearby!
•  yoga space for 12-15 mats, ideally with views!
•  restaurant, chef, staff and housekeeping on premises or available locally
•  spa facilities or massage available on site

We do host some retreats in larger hotels/spas that are particularly charming and can offer wholesale packages.

Private villas can be a great venue providing there is local staff, chef and housekeeping already working within the property.

Regarding price, there is no shortage of gorgeous venues in the United States—it often comes down to price. There are too many variables regarding price to give parameters on pricing. The ideal is to obtain a 4-5 star level venue at a wholesale rate of 3-4 star prices. If you think you know of a great venue and want to check out pricing with us before going through all the work to provide the details required below, feel free to call or write and we can discuss the price range, letting you know if it is a venue you should pursue.




  1. Venue Name:
  2. Venue Website:
  3. Venue Location (town, state):
  4. What is ‘high season’ and ‘shoulder’ season for this area?
  5. What time of year has the best weather?
  1. Total number of rooms available:
  2. Number of rooms with ONE full/queen/king bed:
  3. Number of rooms with TWO single/full/queen beds:
  4. Does the venue offer meals? (All 3 meals each day?)
  5. If so, is it in a restaurant or more private/catered setting?
  6. Is the kitchen able to accommodate specific dietary needs (vegetarian, gluten free, etc)?
  7. What is the cost per person for a room with full board?
  8. How do these rates vary between high/shoulder seasons?
  1. Name of closest airport/train station:
  2. Proximity to closest airport/train station:
  3. Does the venue offer transport from the nearest airport/train station?
  4. What is the cost per person for transport from/to the nearest airport/train station?
  1. Is there (indoor/outdoor) yoga space for 15 yoga mats or more?
  2. If there is outdoor space, is it shaded?
  3. Has the venue hosted a yoga retreat in the past?
  4. What other cultural or adventurous excursions are nearby?
  5. Are there any fees associated with use of space for yoga?



  1. All of the questions above must be completed.
  2. Only one free retreat will be offered per chosen venue; the free retreat will be given to the first person who sends us completed information regarding a venue at which we choose to host a retreat.
  3. The winner(s) will receive one complimentary space (includes room and board) on one of the following retreat dates and locations only: 2017 Tuscany | 2017 Morocco | 2017-2018 USA
  4. The space will be in a shared double room. If you wish to upgrade to a single room, the cost is $800.
  5. The prize is transferable; you may use the complimentary retreat space for yourself or offer it to a friend or family member.
  6. The prize does not include airfare or transportation fees.


Thank you for entering and we so look forward to learning about your favorite places in the United States!



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