Meet Yoga Teacher: Josie Sykes

by | May 29, 2017

EYR Teacher Feature: Josie Sykes

Our Exotic Yoga Retreats teachers are incredible – and we would love for you to know more about them! As such, we have decided to create a series of features for each teacher.


JOSIE SYKES, On Yoga and Meditation

Vinyasa and Hatha yoga teacher, Josie Sykes, is originally from the UK. Currently, she lives and teaches in Amsterdam at the popular Jivamukti yoga studio, Svaha Yoga. Josie has a superb understanding of somatics and healthy postural alignment, as she is also a teacher of the Feldenkrais Method.

Introduced to pranayama by her mother at the age of five, both breathing practices and meditation feature strongly in her teaching — as does a joyful steadiness and a healthy dose of practical philosophy. Josie’s loving and helpful assists are deeply appreciated by her students, as is her enthusiasm and deep care for her students.

What was your first experience with yoga and/or meditation? Did you know right away that it would become a big part of your life – or did it take a little time or a few tries?

My mother introduced me to breathing techniques as a small child. It was years later (in my early 20s) that I took my first class and I was instantly hooked, instinctively knowing in all parts of me that this was it!

If you could only practice one yoga posture for a whole year, what would it be? Why?

Savasana – our ultimate fear (death) faced in sweet surrender!

What’s the strangest / craziest / funniest place you’ve ever done a yoga posture? And what pose was it?

On a photo shoot for a global sportswear brand (I was the photographer, not the model) – ardha chandrasana to quiet the mind whilst everyone else ran around freaking out.

What yoga asana is the most challenging for you? And why, if you would like to share?

Headstand – I love this pose, but periodically can and cannot do it having sustained a whiplash injury as a teenager… I always WANT IT but have to be wise about the times I can/not do it! Accepting the times (and it is sometimes years) that I cannot do headstand is the biggest challenge.

What are your three favorite things to do (aside from yoga/meditation)?

Cook, walk, read

What EYR retreat(s) are you teaching this year? If you have been to this destination before, what is your favorite thing about it?

Morocco, Tuscany, Mexico


Learn more about Josie here! …and more on the Morocco, Tuscany, and Mexico yoga retreats.

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