Exotic Yoga Retreats blend yoga and inner discovery with sensory experiences of visual beauty, healthy sumptuous cuisine, cultural enrichment and outdoor adventure.

Each destination is carefully selected for its serene beauty, gourmet food and that “magical something” in the atmosphere that opens hearts and minds to “See the World Differently.”


True luxury is good health, and the freedom to travel. When you take an Exotic Yoga Retreat, you step out of the familiar and into a new and exciting culture. You meet new people and make new friends.You see things with new eyes, opening your mind to new possibilities—this is empowering and transforming! It’s this magic of the potential to open up your world that inspires me on the Exotic Yoga Retreats journey!

—Gayle Olson


We curate deep retreats in beautiful places — where simplicity and luxury meet in perfect harmony. Our villas, resorts and boutique hotels are mostly 4-5 star level with an occasional simpler venue that has that “magical something” that elevates the spirit and opens our heart. While our retreats are luxurious, and our gourmet cuisine and wines a pleasure to experience, we understand that true luxury is health in body and serenity in mind. Towards this, our teachers are highly trained and experienced to bring you into your deepest experience of body and mind opening. Exotic Yoga Retreats offer healthy holidays that are deep retreats—wrapped in a little luxury!


On Exotic Yoga Retreats we guide and invite you to explore the art of Healthy Hedonism: savoring food and wine with mindfulness, delight and gratitude! “Hedonism,” comes from the Greek word for pleasure—and we believe you can enjoy a healthy dose of indulgence, while being mindful and moderate, using the tools yoga and meditation give you to listen in and respect your body’s natural rhythms and your mind’s presence.


Our retreats are open to people with all levels of yoga experience and physical ability. We welcome solo travelers, couples and friends from all walks of life and from around the world. What we ask of our participants—what we value—is that you bring an open mind and an earnest intention to be real, present, compassionate to yourself and kind to others—an overall willingness to be authentic and open.

Who Leads Exotic Yoga Retreats?

Exotic Yoga Retreats hand-picks a small and select team of highly experienced teachers and inspirational leaders from a range of disciplines: Yoga instructors, artists, musicians, physicians, chefs and winemakers—offering you new ways to see the world differently!

Flow of the Day

Mornings  begin with fresh juice, an Italian cappuccino or a healing Ayurvedic tea depending on where we are in the world. Step into the tranquility and rejuvenating power of nature on a serenity walk in Tuscan hills, a stroll in the lavender fields or a meditation to waves on a tropical beach. After mid-morning yoga enjoy a well-earned farm-to-table brunch on a beautiful terrace.race.

Afternoons  begin with a mouth-watering gourmet salad followed by free time to lounge by the beach or pool, relax with a massage, read or siesta. Depending on location, we offer cooking classes and wine tastings, tours to discover an insider’s glimpse of local culture, or physical adventures such as hiking, surfing and horse backing riding.  At sunset each day we re-convene for a rejuvenating yoga, meditation and pranayama.

Evenings  are pure magic, as we savor the sumptuous tastes and simple pleasures of good food, good wine and wonderful company!


Our meals are gourmet: beautifully presented, healthy, local and whenever possible organic. There are always vegan and gluten-free options and, on most retreats, there are also meat and fish options. At mealtimes we emphasize moderation and “mindful savoring,” and while our retreats are not specifically geared toward losing weight, you may find that you return home a few pounds lighter.


We have couples, sisters, mother-daughter/son duos and friends, but a majority of our guests are solo travelers seeking like-minded people in a healthy, rejuvenating holiday in an exotic setting. If you are coming by yourself, you will not be alone!


All of our activities, including yoga, are optional. We aspire to offer each guest a peak experience of health, relaxation and inner and outer exploration. Yoga can be a wonderful means of self-discovery, but we understand it’s not for everyone. We welcome you to enjoy a bike ride, a jog or a walk instead. What’s most important is to balance good health and good living, enjoy nature, meet new people, spend quality time with those you love and ultimately, to see the world differently.

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Exotic Yoga Retreats blend yoga and inner discovery with sensory experiences of visual beauty, healthy sumptuous cuisine, cultural enrichment and outdoor adventure.

Each destination is carefully selected for its serene beauty, gourmet food and that “magical something” in the atmosphere that opens hearts and minds to “See the World Differently.”

An experience I will never forget! Perfection—the best hotel and hospitality I’ve ever received anywhere in the world. I would recommend an Exotic Yoga Retreat to anyone who asks! My heart is overflowing as a result of the warmth, connection and spirit of all the wonderful people involved!

—Simon Jarvis, Australia

Hands down, the best retreat I’ve ever been to (and I have been to many)! Perfect combination of leisure, relaxation, cultural immersion, and exceptional food! Gayle’s yoga has an incredible depth of knowledge, from her anatomical references, to her deep teachings of asana and pranayama. The best is her acceptance of all levels of practice, respecting each individual’s body and level of practice. Can’t wait to join another Exotic Yoga Retreat!

—Tricia Desvarieux, Haiti

This retreat met every expectation, and more! It has opened my heart and given me great joy and strength. I am not exaggerating when I say it was simply PERFECT!

—Enrica Dal Santo, France

That was the best week of my life! Thank you all for making this trip more than I could have expected. I miss you all and expect we can keep in touch—better yet, reunite at a future Exotic Yoga Retreat!

—Scott Scaggs, USA

Gayle is an outstanding teacher and inspirational leader. her knowledge is vast and she includes everyone equally, from beginner to super yogis. Her spiritual side is beautiful… and her classes are a lot of fun!

—Tania de Jong, Australia

Gayle is an amazing yoga instructor with an incredible depth of knowledge in a wide range of practices. She is a skillful teacher- I truly cannot imagine a better yoga teacher. I loved the restorative yoga sessions and Gayle’s very gentle, kind way of making all of us feel that we were doing a good job. I liked how she managed to find the time to check in with each individual to make sure they were comfortable, or challenged or whatever was needed.

—Donna Brecht, USA

I’m leaving the retreat feeling the happiest and freest I’ve ever felt!

— Naseem Nikoo, Iran

Life changing, eye-opening and deeply inspiring! This retreat ‘reset’ my life. It was beyond what I envisioned was possible in one week!

—Saige Rutherford, USA

My mom and I enjoyed the trip very much…every day was perfect!

—Jane Srivastava, Russia

This is, without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. I have made connections with people and myself that I never would have expected. Those connections will be in my heart and help me be a better version of myself for the rest of my life.

—Brent Vanlyke, Canada

This was my first yoga retreat and I didn’t know what to expect… and it blew my mind! I would recommend this experience it to anyone!

—Ale de Rienzo, Mexico