An Exotic Yoga Retreat: Not Just For Yogis!

by | Aug 14, 2016

Have you been looking at an Exotic Yoga Retreat, but want to go on a trip with your non-yoga-practicing partner? Are you excited about and committed to your yoga practice, but your partner wonders what you find so alluring about it? Perhaps he has never tried yoga – or tried it and didn’t care for it. Maybe she thinks she is not flexible enough. Or is he simply more connected to a meditation practice?

It doesn’t matter to us. We love to host anyone who is interested in a more thoughtful kind of holiday, time away from daily life to connect more deeply with oneself and others. We understand that people connect in different ways – and so we offer a variety of activities on each of our retreats, as well as the option to simply find a quiet spot for reflection.

On an Exotic Yoga Retreat, all of our activities (including yoga!) are optional. If you would like to take a trip together on which you can both practice mindful enjoyment of your individual and shared experiences, one of our trips might be exactly what you are looking for!

While you are breathing deeply through a long, strong hold of utkatasana, your partner might enjoy:

…a quiet stroll through the rolling countryside of Umbria.

…sketching in the serenity of a Peruvian forest.

…a vigorous hike up a steep slope in the Swiss Alps.

…stand-up paddleboarding on the Adriatic Sea.

…a run along the beach in Mexico.

…photographing the morning light over the Red City (Marrakech).

The possibilities are endless! Yoga can be a wonderful means of self-discovery, but we understand it is not for everyone. We aspire to offer each guest a peak experience in health, relaxation and inner and outer exploration.

On an Exotic Yoga Retreat, it is most important to balance good health and good living, enjoy nature, meet new people and/or spend quality time with those you love, make time to both do and be – and ultimately, to see the world differently.




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