Exotic Locations • Morocco Yoga Retreat

by | Mar 8, 2015

My sister Katherine and I visited Morocco recently to scout the perfect exotic location to hold our first Morocco Yoga retreat—that special kind of place where simplicity and luxury meet in natural harmony. When we venture into a new location, it’s with a lot of thought and inquiry as to whether it has that ‘magical something’ that will inspire you to see the world differently.

We seek those special places on earth that meet our vision of:

• A landscape that inspires wonder
• An atmosphere that is relaxing, even as it stimulates your senses.
• A culture that sustains values and community, replenishing you with a sense of belonging and connection.
• A playground rich in nature and adventure, with excursions and experiences that will carry you out of your daily life and what is familiar—into new territory and new perspectives that may serve you when back home in your daily life.

With 20 retreats this year, from Morocco to the Mediterranean, Asia to Africa, North and South America, we hope you’ll find just the right journey for you.

We look forward to sharing the magic! ~ Gayle & Katherine

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