Croatia Yoga Cruise • 3 Reasons to Jump In!

by | May 15, 2016

3 Things to Make You Jump On Board

Our Exotic Croatia Yoga Cruise!

In recent years, Croatia has become the hot spot to visit! With turquoise blue coastlines on the Adriatic Sea, pristine national parks, historic landmarks and quaint island villages, there is no wonder this Eastern European country was recently recognized as the Mediterranean’s fastest-growing travel destination. Our Exotic Croatia Yoga Cruise has been designed to take full advantage of all of these treasures, adding the yoga on  board to help you relax and reconnect with the inspiration that arises from within when you step into a new and fascinating land!

We have several spring, summer and autumn Croatia Yoga Cruise trips coming up in our 2016 roster of retreats. If you’re considering joining one of them, here are a few interesting facts to entice you to jump on board:

  1. The delicious Zinfandel grape variety originated in Croatia.

    Many North Americans identify the Zinfandel variety with northern California – and it’s true, Zinfandel is grown on 11% of California’s vineyard land area and certain regions are known as ‘exceptional’ for these thin-skinned grapes. However, after years of research and DNA testing of vines across the globe, evidence shows that Zinfandel is genetically the same as a Croatian grape known since at least the 15th century. Cheers to selecting a yoga retreat that brings you straight to the source of this robust red wine!

  2. Croatia is known as a country of 1,000 islands.

    It actually has 1,244 islands, islets and reefs; however, fewer than 50 are inhabited. Our Croatia yoga cruise and sail retreats are designed to offer you a rich experience in live-aboard boating, enjoyment of Croatia’s natural beauty, exposure to the local island culture, and deep connection with yourself and others.

  3. Croatia is home to the most beautiful sunset in the world. (At least, according to Alfred Hitchcock.)

    More specifically, he claimed the town of “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world – more beautiful than the one in Key West, Florida.” We’re sure the sunset in Zadar is spectacular, but we bet he never watched the sunset from the deck of a gulet while sailing through the Dalmatian Islands on a yoga cruise!

Whether you’re into practicing yoga on the deck of a ship, savoring delicious and healthy food, exploring azure inlets on a stand-up paddleboard, or stepping back in time to a medieval city — or all of those things! — we hope our exotic Croatia Yoga Cruise nourishes your soul and reconnects you with the primal rhythm of the sea.

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