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We blend inner-discovery with peak experiences of food, wine, luxurious locations and world class yoga!

Nina Butler, Yoga Teacher

South African yoga teacher Nina Butler has a mission: to bring the healing, joyous and empowering energy of yoga into our daily lives. While her practice is strong, her teaching is sensitive and heart-oriented, supporting students to practice within their personal pace and rhythm. She has great facility teaching a range of yoga styles and levels with a strong focus on dynamic vinyasa as well as yin yoga. Nina is a writer and blogger on the topics of yoga and social change, and the founder of YOGICOMM, an app for connecting students with teachers worldwide. 

Sylvia Ferguson, Yoga Teacher

Ireland-based yoga and meditation teacher Sylvia Ferguson has been featured in RTE Nationwide as a yoga teacher who “exudes the calmness she aims to instill in her students.” Her classes gracefully blend hatha yoga, ashtanga vinyasa, yin yoga and mindfulness meditation. Sylvia is certified as a Mindfulness meditation teacher and has developed and leads corporate Mindfulness programs for Facebook. She writes articles for Yoga Therapy Ireland magazine and has launched an active array of Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness Online courses. 

Lisa Nielsen, Personal Trainer

Personal trainer, wellness and lifestyle coach Lisa Nielsen offers personal fitness training, nutritional coaching, cooking classes, outdoor fitness classes, wellness coaching packages and varying wellness retreats. She is also currently training in dietary consulting for cancer and autoimmune diseases. Lisa has more than 25 years of experience working in the wellness industry, including her biggest passions of functional fitness, therapeutic nutrition and mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness. She loves educating and inspiring others to live healthy and happy lives by “finding a balance in it all.”

Josie Sykes, Yoga Teacher

Deep into yoga philosophy and with harmonium in hand, Europe-based yoga teacher Josie Sykes teaches classic hatha yoga, pranayama, chanting, alignment and slow flow vinyasa yoga. Breathing practices and healthy postural alignment figure strongly in Josie’s yoga classes. Her bright spirit and devotion to yoga as a way of life shines through in her buoyant presence and engaging teaching.

Gayle Olson, Founder

From biodynamic farmer and music promoter to yoga teacher, Gayle has always been in the business of bringing health and joy to as many people’s lives as she can touch. Gayle offered her first retreat in 2008 while living in an old stone villa in Tuscany — and there was no going back! In 2012, Exotic Yoga Retreats was born from a vision to develop life-changing retreats in packages of exquisite and exotic holidays. Since then, EYR has expanded worldwide with a portfolio of personally curated luxury yoga holidays led by an intimate team of world-class leaders, teachers and coaches. Gayle joins guests on retreats only on occasion these days, but is always present in the day-to-day shaping and direction of EYR!

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