3 Things You Never Knew About Morocco • In Preparation For Your Morocco Yoga Retreat

by | May 3, 2016

Blending the magic of the Middle East with the traditions of the Berber people, distinct images often come to mind when you hear of the North African country of Morocco.

Maybe you imagine the colorful markets, snake charmers and layered scents of spices – or perhaps you picture a sandy ride atop a lumbering camel. Many are reminded of the complicated romance between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the classic film, Casablanca. For some, a deeply peaceful and rejuvenating yoga retreat will soon come to mind!

In honor of our upcoming Morocco yoga retreat, we’ve put together a short list of things you may not have known about this fascinating country:

  1. Sweetened green mint tea, sometimes called Moroccan or Berber ‘whiskey,’ is the national drink of Morocco.

    As a sign of hospitality and friendship, most of your meals – and many of your most memorable moments – will likely be accompanied by this sugary treat. The bitter warmth of Chinese green tea combined with the cool refreshment of mint will bring balance to your palate and nourishment to your soul.

  2. Sufism is often considered the inner, mystical dimension of Islam – the constitutionally recognized state religion of Morocco.

    To the Sufi, it is the transmission of divine light from the teacher’s heart to the heart of the student that allows the learner to progress. Sound a little familiar? We’ll connect with the divine while on yoga retreat by honoring each other with the word/concept of namaste; essentially, a show of deep respect and recognition of the truest Self within each of us.

  3. The English word genie is derived directly from the Arabic concept of djinn, which refers to a spiritual being that may play a part in human affairs if called upon to do so.

    In Morocco, djinns are believed to frequent places associated with water – public baths and even sinks or drains. Perhaps a relaxing afternoon by the pool is in order? Connect with your inner spirit while on your Morocco yoga retreat and the path to your deepest desires might just be revealed.

Morocco is one of only three countries (including Spain and France) that has coastline on both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Separated from the European mainland by only eight miles (the Strait of Gibraltar), it has been strongly influenced by numerous cultures.

Morocco-yoga-retreat (yoga-studio-terrace-2).jpegMany visitors enjoy exploring the diverse cacophony of cities like Marrakech…fewer venture into the serene countryside. Let the bustle of life fall away as you make your way to our Morocco yoga retreat. You’ll practice yoga on the shaded, roof-top terrace of an authentic Berber riad (estate), sip a cup of thè á la menthe with new friends and tuck yourself into a secret alcove for some quiet reflection.

With opportunities to explore the local culture, enjoy healthy, richly spiced cuisine, relax into a Mediterranean lifestyle – and maybe even take a jaunt atop that lumbering camel – we hope our Exotic Yoga Retreat in Morocco stimulates your senses and inspires mindful enjoyment of North Africa’s indulgences.

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