Yoga Teacher Training


Gayle’s Vinyasa Adjustment workshop is a great training for any instructor who is looking for inspiration on how to teach Surya Namaskar and flow poses. It’s a fresh and physical approach to teaching!”

—Julia van den Berg, Yoga Instructor in Holland



What is Vinyasa Adjustment

Viyasa Adjustment is a unique approach to giving students safe, effective and nurturing adjustments throughout a Vinyasa Yoga practice; its like giving a full-body Vinyasa massage!

Learn, practice, and develop confidence to give adjustments and supportive touch in a unique, safe and appropriate way.  Whether you teach classes or offer one-on-one sessions, this yoga teacher training workshop will add an invaluable tool to your teaching repertoire—and fundamentally change the way you teach!

Introductory Workshop – Vinyasa Adjustment Teacher Training

Experience what it feels like to receive this unique and blissful method of Vinyasa Adjustment. Learn five different types of “touch” and adjustment support, and begin to apply the method in the Surya Namaskar series and basic standing, seated and twisted postures classically done in Vinyasa classes. Learn the three levels of awareness necessary to apply this adjustment method during a Vinyasa class!

Advanced Workshop - Vinyasa Adjustment Teacher Training

The power of this work lies in the confident, intuitive and relaxed act of giving from which you can offer your touch and adjustments. Practice giving (and receiving) adjustments, and refine your sensitivity to the nuances and subtleties of touch. Add back-bending and inverted postures, and learn to assist apply the Vinyasa Adjustment method while keeping the flow of a Vinyasa class in motion!


UTRECHT, HOLLAND   –   June 7–8   (Yoga Moves in Holland)

FLORENCE, ITALY   –  July 30–31 

NICE, FRANCE   –  November 2–3   (Art-Yoga Studio in France)