We design luxury yoga retreats to give you:

AN EXPERIENCE of life as a magical adventure, as your mind and body relax and your senses attune to the beauty of your surroundings.

A PAMPERING of elegance and luxury in venues that are chosen for their peaceful ambience.  We choose four and five-star venues that combine the highest quality with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

AN INSPIRATION in yoga and health, enjoying classes with a qualified and experienced yoga instructor who offers intelligent, safe and engaging classes, with individual care.

AN OPPORTUNITY to connect with the natural world that will help you reconnect and rediscover your own nature.  Because surrounding yourself with natural beauty has healing and rejuvenating effects, it forms an essential part of our retreats. Nearby cultural and historical sites at our locations provide an opportunity to sample different ways of living and discover or cultivate new interests.

A CULTURAL CONNECTION with staff who are professional, yet approachable. We encourage you to tap into their local wisdom by reciprocating their welcome –  it’s often through these local ambassadors that you will discover insights and information that you might otherwise have missed.

QUALITY CUSTOMER CARE  with Gayle and Katherine, who are sisters and partners in Exotic Yoga Retreats. We share our passion, experience and obsession with detail and quality, to ensure that from start to finish, you are sincerely cared for, and can relax into a truly rejuvenating holiday!